Progress Coaching

I offer simple, pragmatic & action driven coaching that will help you make clear & sustainable progress

Clients come to me to create clear, meaningful and sustainable changes in their lives.

Life is unpredictable! Even when we think we have our professional and personal lives on track, something invariably comes straight out of left field and often leads us off course.

Whether change in your life is planned or unforeseen, its likely to affect your plans, ambitions, hopes and dreams. Change is also hard. And, yet our ability to thrive in times of uncertainty or transition is often crucial if we want to achieve our goals.

Change often demands a quick shift in our behaviour and mindset, which for many of us is easier said than done!

I offer simple, pragmatic & action driven coaching that will help you make those shifts and map clear progress towards your goals.

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Coaching Packages

Virtual 1:1
Business Direction Workshops
Career Progress

1: 1 Virtual

1:1 Sessions are currently held Virtually : 60 or 90 minutes

6 and 10 hour packages are available for 2-3 month coaching programmes

Career Progress

12 hours of coaching over 3 months, focusing on mapping of goals & developing a plan for change.

Topics include: readiness for change, priority setting, Interview prep, personal branding, difficult conversations, business planning and new business launch


2-4 hour individual or team workshops are also available and can be tailored to your requirements. Workshops are an opportunity for intense focus on 2-3 business goals

Do you ever feel….

  • Anxiety about change or uncertainty
  • You are always being side-tracked from what’s important
  • You are lacking commitment or motivation
  • You need to be more assertive
  • You could do more to inspire & empower teams
  • Your business needs a boost
  • Work-life balance isn’t possible
  • You want to start your own business
  • You just need to find a way of your rut

Feel familiar? I work with Executives who are looking to make progress and need support with clarifying what’s important (and more importantly – why?), taking action, shifting their mindset and mapping out the steps they need to take to make the changes in their lives.