New Leader Coaching

Progress coaching for new leaders who want to make impact quickly in a new or expanded role

New Leader Coaching Package – Maximise your impact in the first 90 days in your new leadership role

Are you ready to level-up your leadership skills? Are you looking for ways to inspire, motivate and make a real impact in your new leadership role? Then, this leadership coaching package is for you.

Covering your 3 months in the role, we will increase your awareness of how you are currently showing up as a leader vs the leader you want to be. We will review your leadership type, communication style, strengths, challenges, and explore exciting personal development opportunities.

This program is for you if you’re:

  • Starting a new or extended leadership position in your current company
  • An experienced manager starting a role with a new company
  • New to leadership (corporate, start-up or our own business owner)
  • Aspiring to reach senior leadership roles

And someone who wants to….

  • Make a difference quickly
  • Motivate teams through times of turbulence or disruption
  • Inspire teams
  • Set out clear goals for 2021
  • Develop your leadership skillset


Leadership Coaching Package £790

What’s included?

  • An in-depth 90 min exploration session to explore your leadership vision, review challenges, growth potential & define your goals
  • Co-creation of your Leadership Development plan,including key milestones
  • 4 x 60 minprogress coaching sessions (bi-weekly)
  • Email support, including check-ins and resources
  • 15 min check-in calls, as required to review obstacles
  • 1 x reflective 60 min 90-day reviewcall to discuss progress and future accountability towards your goals.

Coaching hours to be used within four months of the initial consultation

The new leader coaching program aims to help you:

  • Onboard onto your new role with ease
  • Build & communicate a clear strategy
  • Develop your leadership style
  • Be more inspirational
  • Empower teams
  • Lead through times of change & transition with confidence

  • Tackle your imposter syndrome 
  • Hire, retain & motivate diverse teams
  • Create a sense of belonging for remote workers

Tailored Agenda

The agenda will be tailored to your vision, strengths & areas of development.

Key themes include:

  • Personal Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Vision for your first 90 days
  • Communication style
  • Collaboration
  • Personal Branding
  • Leadership style
  • Learning style
  • 360 ° feedback
  • Strengths & weakness
  • Challenges & opportunities
  • How to stay accountable

Interested in learning more? Contact me today to discuss suitability for this program

Whether you have just been appointed to a new role, taken on responsibility for a new team or planning to build a new team, our 1-1 coaching program will be created to support your personal goals.

If you are interested in Leadership Coaching, I invite you to book a free coaching consultation session with me. This is a complimentary 30-45 min 1-1 session where you can find out how the coaching program works, how we might work together and decide what type of program is right for you.

About me

After many years working with large corporates, often through times of significant growth or transition and managing diverse (& remote) teams, I have helped new leaders to find their feet and make real impact in their new role.

I bring together my personal and professional experience, extensive training and a change management toolkit to my coaching sessions to help my clients make times of transformation easier.

Key leadership experience that I bring to my coaching:

  • Change Management
  • Team leadership post-merger/acquisition
  • Organisational restructure/redesign
  • Running Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging programs
  • Building and retaining teams in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Developing managers
  • Performance management

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